Find Tranquility

at Our Women's Day Retreat

Harmony In Nature

A Wellness Day Retreat for Women, where nature beckons and sisterhood awaits. Reconnect with your inner peace amidst the outdoors.


Date and Time

Saturday –  June 8, 2024    9am – 8pm



Mountainside – Pavilion



$495.00 per person


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Event Itinerary

9:00 am: Meet & Greet at Pavilion
9:30 am: Opening Circle & Gentle Yoga
11:30 am: Lunch
12:45 pm: Guided Somatic Journaling
2:30 pm: Forest Bathing
4:00 pm: Afternoon Group Snack
4:30 pm: Sound Bath – Closing Circle
6:15 pm: Farm to Table Family Style Dinner

Gentle Yoga Guided by Christiane Hinterman

Christiane will guide you through breathwork and gentle yoga, inviting a deeper connection to your body and the natural world. Experience crafted invitations that engage your senses, intuition, and heart, fostering a profound connection to the land and the season. Step away from distractions and immerse yourself in a liminal space, rediscovering your inherent and vital connection with the earth.

More about Christiane Hinterman

Inspired by nature, everything that Christiane offers grows from the roots of her heart. As a certified yoga instructor and a certified forest and nature therapy guide (aka forest bathing), she combines both practices to craft a magical experience. When not guiding Christiane is often tending to her two young daughters or creating art and music.

Forest Bathing

Christiane will work in direct partnership with the forest and current weather conditions to craft invitations to send you into nature and immerse you deeply through the senses. You will be guided into slow movement or stillness as you interact with nature on a receptive and reciprocal level you may not have experienced since childhood. The benefits include improved focus, creative insight, boosted immune system, deep relaxation and much more.

Guided Somatic Journaling with Beth Wood

The word “Somatics” literally comes from the Greek word “soma” meaning “the living body in its wholeness”. Beth will be guiding us through a somatic process to support you in accessing an abundance of peace both at the retreat and beyond.

More about Beth Woods

Meet Beth, a somatic coach and business strategist taking a holistic approach to women’s wellness by blending ancient wisdom with modern understanding. She teaches women how to embrace their feminine design through biological, energetic, and psychological rediscovery. Beth supports her clients in learning how to go from a burnt-out boss babe in a constant hustle, to a thriving woman in a sustainable business and life without sacrificing their health, success, or softness. She focuses on blending spirit and science through strategy, harnessing the power of our biology as women, somatic release, and masculine system development to hold us in safety.

Sound Bath with Erin Boedeker

Experience the transformative power of our sound bath, led by Erin, as the pinnacle of your day-long retreat journey. Let the soothing sounds guide you towards inner healing and integration, allowing you to fully absorb the benefits of your self-care journey. Come together as a group to embrace peace and ease, leaving behind any obstacles that have hindered your path. This sound bath offers the perfect opportunity to relax deeply, reconnect with your purpose, and release what no longer serves you.

More about Erin Boedeker

Erin Boedeker is a licensed acupuncturist and sound healer. She believes strongly in the power of sound to elevate a healing experience and bring a body into more harmonic alignment. She relies on a variety of sound tools including but not limited to gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums, and flutes to weave together a transformative experience.

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